TITULO: Introduction to PYTHON

IMPARTIDO POR: Alessio Valentini

LENGUA: Impartido en INGLES

FECHA: 18 a 22 de Junio de 2018

LUGAR: Edificio del Departamento de Ciencia Animal (7G). Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Aula 1 (Planta baja) . Plano interactivo. Plano de situación

HORARIO: 9:30 a 13:30 

MATRICULA: 50 euros. Enlace para matricularse:





1. Traer al curso un laptop con sistema operativo Windows, o MacOS, o Linux


2. Instalar en el Laptop el programa PYTHON. Para ello:

    Download Python 3.6.x desde https://www.python.org/downloads


3. Check that you can run IDLE.

    In Windows go with the mouse on the bottom left of the screen , press the Windows  icon, type “idle” and press “IDLE(Python GUI)".

    If it starts, OK. In case of troubles write to Prof. Alessio Valentini at alessio_valentini@tiscali.it






Monday 18 June

Who you are, your experiences and objectives

Devices and operative systems

Compiled and interpreted programming languages

Examples of interactive Python commands


Tuesday 19 June

The Python IDE

Variables, numerical and string operators

Collections (lists and dictionaries)


Wednesday 20 June

Next and while loops

Files: read/write

Escape characters (NL etc)


Thursday 21 June

Functions and classes

Global and local variables


Use of modules useful for -omics sciences


Friday 22 June

Programming on demand: We will write together programs on the fly, according to your needs, duties, hopes…


The schedule may change depending on you learning curve